Optitex is the Israeli system for pattern making, marker making and virtual design (3D) especially developed by textile experts.


Ready to start?

It is one of the most sold systems worldwide.
Optitex is used by the most important brands of the fashion industry and is available in 17 languages.
As regards to Argentina, there are many companies which are already enjoying the benefits of having Optitex.

What could Optitex do for my Company?

Optitex gives you the possibility of creating an ideal configuration to suit the cost-benefit ratio of your company.

Pattern Making Module:

Inputting you cardboard patterns or draft them in the system from scratch will be easy and quick.
Modifying existent patterns or generating all the needed gradings (even with special parameters) will have never been easier. Imagination will be your only limit.
If you have to, you will be able to use patterns developed with other systems.
For the operator's convenience, Optitex comes with toolbar and menu customization options.

Marker Making Module

Marker Making has never been simpler, even for inexperienced marker makers.
A high material yield in record time during marker making leads to: more saving, more productivity with the same number of staff and true competitivity in the market.
You can "train" the system and set your markers according to your requirements. You can also make the system find the best marker making and fabric utilization.

3D Module

The design of 3D prototypes and files is revolutionizing the textile industry. Acquiring a 3D system will give you a considerable advantage over the competition. You will be able to design complete collections, see fitting tests, set different combinations of colors and garments and upload your collections on your website, placing your company in the vanguard of your sector even before the fabrics have been purchased.