About Us

We are an Argentinian company providing services within the textile industry, and we have an extensive client portfolio ranging from Argentinian to international top companies. The aim of our highly qualified staff, aided by last generation computerized systems (like Optitex), is to help our clients speed up the development and manufacture of their collections.

In our product development sector, our pattern makers have an Optitex workstation and a digitizing system of their own, which allows us to develop many standard or customized patterns and gradings in record time. In our production sector, our marker makers have the most advanced tools to achieve the highest material optimization in the garments to be developed. Once the markers have been checked, it only takes a few minutes to have them printed and ready, along with their micro-markers. This is only possible thanks to our 7 plotters equipped with one and up to four print heads, and widths ranging from 35 to 70 inches. This equipment give us an everyday printing capacity of more than 1,500 sqm. Finally, and no less important, between pattern-making and manufacture stages we offer our clients the possibility of using 3D design prototypes . We are pioneers in the use of this technology implemented by the most important brands in the fashion world, achieving a perfect combination of experience and technology.

In our training sector, we are constantly offering Optitex courses to individuals and companies, since we are an authorized training center. Regarding our pattern-making and marker-making sectors, we have courses given by qualified experts in both areas. Our courses are usually given in our premises, but in case it was requested, we could also teach in companies regardless of where they are located.

Stages of the process

These are the stages of the garment-making process; each service may be hired individually according to your needs.

PATTERN MAKING development

First of all, we develop the garment PATTERN and grading, aiming at producing a final product with perfect fitting and fall.

MARKERS Development

Once the idea has been accomplished, Soluciones Textiles gives you the possibility of minimizing your costs through computerized MARKER MAKING, which will guarantee the highest utilization of all the materials of the garment to be made.

3D files

The design of 3D prototypes and files is revolutionizing the textile industry. Imagine that you could see in 3D your finished collections, and every different design, even before you purchased the fabrics to produce them.


Some of the services we provide are

Pattern making

From a garment or a file


With a digitizer table or a Digipen

Marker making

Highest fabric and material utilization


Last generation technology

Selling of systems

Selling of equipment: plotters, digitizers and systems

Management of CAD Systems

Remote Assistance

With our Team Viewer license