3D prototype and files

The design of 3D prototypes and files is revolutionizing the textile industry. Imagine that you could see your finished collections and all their different designs in 3D format, even before you purchased the fabrics to produce them.

Imagine that you could instantly view a garment and modify it with just a few clicks: a skinny jean might turn into an Oxford, and then into a Capri and then, why not, it might turn into a short. If a client requested a special model, you wouldn't have to tailor a physical garment. Forget about rushing to get the fabric sample, plot the pattern, cut the sample, embroider it, tailor it... You will only have to make a 3D design with the texture, colors and logos requested by the client, and you will be able to submit a photo session of every angle of the piece. This will help you to get an answer faster, lower your costs and provide the most effective solutions to your clients.

A 3D system will give you a considerable advantage over the competition. You will be able to design complete collections, simulate fitting tests, view all style colorway and matching garments and finally display your collections on your website, placing your company in the vanguard of your sector.

Let's suppose the head office of your company is abroad and you need its approval to modify a piece: now you will be able to send as many models and modifications the head office might require of you to put them into consideration and give you the green light.

If you want your company to get our system, you just have to give us a call and we'll set a meeting.

Measurement Charts

Soluciones Textiles also allows you to acquire a measurement chart to better control your garments (and all their size charts), during and after production. In this way, the differences between the pieces along the design and tailoring process will be minimized and your staff will have the right tools for better quality control.

Products files

The product files are very useful to have the garment accessory sector and the garment making sector comply with all of the client's requests.