Frequently Asked Questions

-Because we are an Argentinian leading company at the forefront of technology and staff training.
-Because we know how important it is to respect the agreed-upon delivery schedules.
-Because we might be an strategic partner in the region.
-Because our systems are compatible with most of the systems existing in the market.
-Because in case compatibility with a certain system is not possible, we have the necessary conversion and exporting tools which have already allowed us to work with foreign companies.
-Because, among other other things, we have a 3D system which allows us to send digital prototypes to any place in the world where the head office might be, without having to wait for the physical samples to arrive, to be approved or to be corrected.
-Because the client is able to continue developing the design, the patterns and the markers in the head office, which will increase production controls and minimize the margin of error. Then, you will be able to send us the files so that we may plot the markers and submit them to the subsidiary, whether in Argentina or its bordering countries.
-Because our company complies with our country's applicable legislation, not only in relation to fiscal matters but also in relation to the members of our staff.
-Because we are an environmentalist company which takes responsibility for the inputs it works with and their waste.

-We could become a bridge between the head office and its subsidiaries, not only in Argentina but also in Spanish-speaking countries.
-We are able to develop the whole process: from the pattern of a garment to complete collections.
-We are able to plot more than 4900 feet of markers per day.
-We are able to digitize your patterns and send them to any place in the world in a universal format.
-We can take care of the delivery of the works.

-To begin with, you may send us an email and a staff member will get in touch with you.

Do you have any doubts?

Our technical team will be available to answer any technical question you may have, such as registration or marker making orders. You may call us Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am. to 1 pm. and 2 pm. to 5 pm., at +54 11 4671 5975.