Our courses

Our OPTITEX courses are designed in a dynamic and effective way. Since our courses are personalized (one student, one instructor), you can make the most of them. This has allowed us to train individuals and operators for the most prestigious companies in the market, for more than 12 years.

Optitex system operator

In the Optitex system operator course, the student will have real access to all the program and its peripherals. The student will have to digitize a pattern and later work with it within the system, to finally plot it and see the results. This means that the future operator will be in touch with all the equipment comprising a pattern and marker making system.


PDS module

The PDS module will allow the student to create a pattern from scratch using a powerful program and a user friendly interface. During the course, the student will analyze the main tools for the development of new patterns or the modification of existing samples.


MARK module

The MARK module allows the student to create markers in a semiautomatic way. The student will analyze the main tools the marker maker needs when working with different models and different types of material.


NEST module

In the NEST ++ module the operator will be able to experience all the power of the best automatic "smart" marker in the market. The operator will only need 1 minute to develop a marker order and 5 other minutes to obtain a perfect marker with the highest yield.


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